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Here you can find the most of Dj Tomsten Music, Tombstone records,  Swe chill music 2019.

Swedish Dj Tomsten oldschool dj when LP and EP was big and the speaker was superbig.

Always mad mixtapes back in the day it was so big then to share music he says. Started to make music 2015 just cut and paste digitally now this digital day.

Made the song “Move your body” that give him inspiration to keep up in the music industri. 2018 he started to mix house music and trance/psytrance and made an album of it, single “Drop that dancer” whent a big hit online.

Started to mix Psytrance music and have done so since 2018 just love the pumping feeling he says and smile.

Released “Future Doom” 2018 and whent big on spotify and beatport.

Dj tomsten is a electronic beat explorer, always searching for a good beat. He is a beatman and loves to experiment with lots of genres. ??? He is little of a mlelodic lover ?? can’t make to mutch noize dunkadunka, metal stuff. Likes to make Psytrance, Progressive house, EDM, Tech minimal house, Pop music, Chillout music, Trance genres in general. Tomstone records and Swe chill music are, Dj Tomsten, Justin Bomb, Dj chillout master and tommytechno. A mix of trance music, pop, chillout, techno, EDM and house mix. Is born in the 60:s liked to make mixtapes back in the days  with my pioneer mixer. Have about 900 single left in my collection from 1980 to the late 90:s then all stoped and the Internet era apeard hehehe bad stuff for musicians and all of the stores i sweden gone, almost all is gone today sorry to say. Former photographer for United photo press for about ten years.
Make all the graphics, cover to all the CDs he releases. All videos on IGTV he made self.  He is a independent music producer.

Stars>michael carter, joe flanigan, simon williamson, george lazenby, pontus norgren, lance henriksen, billy dee williams, sam.j.jones, christopher judge, john rhys mayer, jeremy bullock, david fustino, tobin bell, samantha fox, ola salo, rydell & quick, beatrice eli, eric saade, world champion, stephen hunter, muchael madsen, paul blake, gunnar hansen,

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